Online Whiteboard Collaboration App

An online whiteboard drawing app that also helps you collaborate remotely to teach, design, or solve problems

  • get your ideas down quickly and collaborate in real-time
  • it is touch and stylus friendly
  • with a simple set of intuitive drawing and editing tools
  • phone camera integration
  • document your notes and discussions
  • download your work as a pdf
  • it works on Chromebooks, iPads, laptop and desktop computers
  • and your whiteboard data stays secure; you choose what to save and nothing is stored on our servers

Unique Features

Collaborate remotely with a physical whiteboard by taking photos

Phone Camera Integration

This is a game-changer for remote collaborations.

You can take a photo in the app to get a clear, up-close image of a whiteboard, textbook, or notepad that all room participants can see.

Afterward, the room participants can draw on the image or add notes as if they were in the same physical room.

Or you can just use this feature to save a bunch of photos as a PDF.

Notes can be added to the whiteboard to keep the designs and ideas together

Document Notes and Discussions

You can add notes and discussions to each whiteboard in the collaboration room.

This keeps the main whiteboard content and notes together so nothing is lost after the collaboration is finished.

An example pdf can be seen here that shows a camera image and set of notes that have been saved together.

No Setup

There is no special setup required: you don't need a projector, smart whiteboard, or touchscreen to work.

The app works on computers, tablets, and phones without needing to download anything.

Immediately Productive

There is no sign-up process to start working.

Are we missing a feature you would love? Let us know!